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GC52-1 With Cutter High Speed Sewing Machine




Brief Introduction:

GC52-1with cutter high-speed sewing machine ranks among the last advanced level in the world. It is suitable for sewing all kinds of shirts, west-style suits and similar garments, medium materials of cotton, linen, wool, silk, chemical fabric goods, as well as light soft leather goods.

It is the ideal sewing equipment for the factories of underwear, shirts, clothing or ladies' articles.

The side cutter can compte the pro-cess of sewing and edge trimming of one time. It shows the high efficiency of work.

This machine adopts link-type thread take-up, rotary hook, double thread chain stitch, and forward and backward feed, full auto-oil pump. It also takes spiral gear as driving element and main parts are made of high grade alloy steel. The machine rotates smoothly while performing variable speed sewing, with less shock and noise, safe, reliable and durable.

主要技术规格 (Specifications):

GC52-1 4500 0~4 DB×"9~"18 5.5/13 37/33.5 595×230×546